When You Order Door Hangers, Why Start with 3000?


Everyone knows when you buy a larger quantity of just about anything, you can usually save money. The same is true when you order door hangers. When you order 3000 door hangers you can save more than 50% compared with three orders of 1000.

If you are new to door hanger distribution you may think 3000 is an awful lot. That depends on your “Reach and Frequency” plan. Simply put, reach is the number of prospects you are targeting and frequency is the number of times a prospect is exposed to your door hanger advertisement.

Most marketing experts agree that frequency is more important than reach. If you are trying to grow your business, it is better to reach 1000 prospects three times than 3000 prospects once.

A winning strategy is to define your target (reach) and then schedule distributions (frequency) at least once a month.

So plan ahead. Review your resources, both budget and distribution manpower, and then create a plan that you are comfortable with. The most important factor is to be consistent. Maintain frequency and as your business grows, gradually expand your reach.

We recommend distributing least 1000 door hangers a month. When you order door hangers and start with 3000, you’ll be set for 3 months. Don’t worry about changing the design or offer. Studies have shown using the same design will build a “top of mind awareness” or familiarity with your company and offer. The chance that prospects will respond, grows every time they see your offer.


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