Door Hanger Distribution
Who’s Going to Distribute Your Door Hangers?


Door hangers are a great way to advertise, but you’re busy running your business, so how will you handle the door hanger distribution?

Professional door hanger distribution companies are available in some cities, but they might not always be available when and where you want them.

One idea is to get a local organization like the Boy Scouts, A Church Group or Little League Team to distribute your door hangers as a fund raiser. You help them and they help you.

You can always distribute your door hangers yourself or with a friend or loved one. Walking is great exercise, and if you spend an hour at the beginning or end of the day distributing door hangers, imagine the shape you’ll be in at the end of a few months.

Here’s another more aggressive plan. Hire a full time employee dedicated to door hanger distribution. Sounds expensive but consider this: an adult with a plan can easily distribute 500 door hangers in a day in most suburban neighborhoods (more in a city environment).

Figure a 7 hour day with and hour for lunch. In today’s job market, there are plenty of able bodied workers who would be happy to have the job for lets say $9 per hour (this type of wage may vary more or less in different parts of the county). That would work out to be .126 cents per door hanger. That’s a lot less than a .44 cent stamp!

Whichever way you decide to distribute your door hangers, be organized. Google maps are great and are very detailed. Figure out your distribution area in advance. Count the number of houses on each street and pay your workers by the street, not by the number of door hangers you give them to distribute. Even good kids, may start hanging more than one door hanger on each door as they get tired. In this way, it’s easy to spot check and make sure your distribution is accomplished.

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